A Brave New World

by - April 07, 2018

Sometimes, it's weird how things happen, right?

I am a blogger for almost twelve years now, never really settling anywhere. I was always trying to reinvent myself, often looking for the perfection in something that should be a hobby. Or that at least started as a hobby. And I can tell it was something obviously associated with a terrible self-esteem that would never allow myself to enjoy what I had produced. Sometimes I judged myself too childish for considering my fanfiction and my ships something important. Other times, I didn't find enjoyment in being serious all the time. Blogging accompanied all those changes.

However, well... I got to the conclusion perfection will never exist. And I will always be troubled with some aspect of everything. The healthy thing to do is just go on. Allow yourself to try things, even when you don't have the certainty that they will go as planned. And I guess that is what this blog is about: my new way of seeing things. Less judgy, with more acceptance.

My name is Isadora. I am a 24-year-old Brazilian. And here you will watch my history.

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  1. I have always believed that a blog should be a personal space where you can share your thoughts and opinions. It can also be a great space to see how you have grown and changed over a period of time. It's great to see you have a blog again and I hope it will be a positive experience where you have a lot of freedom. :)